Church Council

Grace Lutheran Church Members are represented by a 13-member Church Council consisting of the Executive Committee and the Church Committee Chairmen.  Please feel free to contact any Council Member for praises and/or concerns.  All members are welcome to the Council Meetings, held monthly.  (Please see Calendar Page for dates)

The Executive Committee consists of:

Jennifer Kopacz, Pastor

Joy Becker, President

Don Blancett, Vice-President

David Brown, Secretary

Jarrett Oeltjen,Treasurer

Maria Eckard, Financial Secretary

The church committee chairmen are:

Mary Eichen, Worship & Music

Kevin Lundgren, Stewardship & Finance

Peggy Stevens, Property

Linda Wolters and Sandra Schorr, Education

Joe and Charlene Jennings, Youth

Evangelism & Community Ministry-OPEN


Praises and Pinches Form

During a recent Church-wide Retreat we learned of an excellent way to receive feedback from our members.  The method of gathering information concerning what we are doing well and what we need assistance with, is done through a form called the “Praises & Pinches” form.  These are located on the visitors table in the Church Entrance Hall.  If you have praises or concerns, please let us know.

Please place all forms in the President’s or Secretaries Box in the Church Office.

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